About Us

Hi Ya'll!!

I'm Nicole my motto is, if folks gonna talk, give them something sweet to eat while they're talking about folks. LOL.

Any who, we specialize in a host of sweets to fulfill your sweet tooth and sugar rush needs.

Our top items we sell are our signature Banana Pudding, our scrumptious red velvet and our award-winning cheesecakes!!

Ohhhhh ya'll know we have a wide variety of sweets we sell. We typically hear, "social media doesn't do your shop any justice and it's so much to choose from, I don't know what to get, so give me one of everything. "Come check us out and see what Them Folks be saying.

How I got started Baking has always been a passion of mine.  It's something about watching people indulge in my baked goods that makes me smile. 

I'll watch them and be like, "ain't it good!!" LOL No matter what kind of job I got, what problems I may be facing, it has always led me back to baking. It relaxes me especially when I'm coming up with new flavors to combine.  When you're from the country you come up with all kinds of signature flavors. 

Any-who, make sure you tell your folks about THEM FOLKS BAKERY!!

See YOU soon!!