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Them Folks Bakery

12 count Banana Pudding Shooters/Bowls

12 count Banana Pudding Shooters/Bowls

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Experience the comforting taste of home with our Medium Container Banana Pudding. This delightful dessert offers a perfect blend of velvety vanilla pudding, layers of ripe sliced bananas, and a dollop of heavenly whipped cream. Each spoonful is a delightful symphony of sweet and creamy goodness, capturing the essence of homemade comfort. Perfect for individual servings or sharing with a few loved ones, our Medium Container Banana Pudding is a delightful treat that will transport you to moments of pure bliss. Whether it's a small gathering or a moment of self-indulgence, this dessert is a true delight that will leave you enchanted and savoring every delightful bite.


***Must allow 24-48 hours during business hours to have prepared*****

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